40 rounds Hornady 30 T/C 150gr SST Plastic Tip


Manufacturer :Hornady
Caliber :Other Caliber
Number of Rounds For Sale :40
Rounds Per Box :20


40 rounds Hornady 30 T/C 150gr SST Plastic Tip

40 rounds Hornady 30 T/C 150gr SST Plastic Tip

Although i accept Gunbroker Pay, Be advised I have found that payment is SLOW and AWKWARD.
In the interest of being part of the 21st century, I have added ZELLE instant payment to my repitoire of payments: Use my email address for ZELLE: peterrmans@gmail.com
ZELLE is FREE, FAST and will get your item shipped without undo delay.
When I am advised of payment by email, I will consider it paid and ship subject to the other conditions of sale.
If you use ZELLE, please don’t mention ANYTHING to do with guns or ammo. Refer to the item by Auction number.
The state I live in has NO SALES tax. Gunbroker CHARGES ME for your states sales tax, so you have to pay me it to get your item…if thats a problem for you, MOVE!

In the near future, GunBroker will be adding a “convenience fee” to purchases made through the GunBroker website, which the seller will have to remit via their payment asrrangement. That fee will be passed on to buyers in a similar manner as sales taxes are now. BUY NOW AND AVOID ADDITIONAL COSTS.

AMMO can only be shipped using ground service. I use FEDEX Ground through GunBroker. They charge what they charge, I think its too much too!


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