Browning Superposed shotgun


Firearms Maker Browning
Model Superposed
Gauge/Caliber 12 Gauge
Barrel Length 28″
Chokes IC/MOD
LOP 14-1/8″
DOH 2-1/8″
DOC 1-1/2″
Cast 1/8″ Off
Trigger Double
Rib Style Vented
Style Over / Under
Weight 7.2



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The Browning Superposed in front of us was a one-of-a-kind called Golden Days. Belgian master engraver Dany Matagne had spent 300 painstaking hours detailing the doves, bobwhite quail and Gamble quail with gold, green gold, copper and palladium – the entire landscape study framed in a floral scroll.

Browning Arms Company is one of the oldest and most well-known firearm manufacturers in America. Founded in 1878 by the famous designer John Browning in Ogden, Utah, the company—and its founder—have been innovating the firearm industry for over a century. John Browning’s designs for Browning shotguns, pistols and rifles have been produced by not just the company that bears his name, but also by other big names in firearms, like Remington and Winchester.

Out of all of his designs, John Browning called a certain Browning shotgun the greatest achievement of his career. The Browning A-5 shotgun, AKA the Browning Auto-5, was the first mass-produced semi-automatic shotgun. This incredible Browning shotgun was produced almost non-stop from 1902 until 1998.

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