Winchester Model 42


Model 42

weighs a lightweight 6lbs

28-inch barrel or 5lbs 12ozs



Buy Winchester M42 for sale online. a lovely trim shotgun that weighs a lightweight 6lbs with a 28-inch barrel. Buy Winchester M42 online .

The Model 42 is a lovely trim shotgun that weighs a lightweight 6lbs with a 28-inch barrel or 5lbs 12ozs with a 26-inch barrel. It is the classic take-down Winchester design, separating barrel and forend from the action and butt stock, allowing easy packing for a long trek or storage.

The barrels are made from Winchester’s Proof Steel and have a classic rounded profile without a rib at the start of its manufacture. A single gold bead up by the muzzle is your sighting device and as such is just what I like, look at the game and the shotgun will follow. Finish is a high-polished blue that matches the action and even after nearly ninety years this pensioner showed a lovely lustre, with only a small amount of light pitting.

The action is a work of art in its own right. It is very slim and low profiled and has a panel on the right that can be removed for take down and access to the internals for cleaning. This, and all the parts within, are steel and all fit like a Swiss watch- old world quality. They are built to last and certainly have in this version, as it functioned perfectly.


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