Glock 21 .45 Auto13 Round


Manufacturer :Glock
Model :21
Barrel Length :4 inch
Caliber :.45 Auto
Capacity :13
Frame Finish :Blue
Grips :Polymer
Slide Finish :Blue and Black


Glock 21 .45 Auto13 Round

Have you been putting off buying a firearm?Are you still waiting to see what a President Harris will do to the 2nd Amendment? Seriously? From one American to another, don’t wait!

Are you new to gun buying? This virus has changed the World as we know it.  You may be buying a pistol for the first time, so I have some advice for you. I have been a gun guy for 40 years.  I have learned a few things that you need to know as a new buyer.

First of all, you need a pistol you can shoot. A subcompact .45 ACP may seem cool, but new shooters will struggle with it.  The recoil of a .45 ACP in a small package creates all kinds of failure situations for new shooters.  That is not what you want to happen in a stressful situation.

Second, my used pistols are better than any other new stock pistol of the same brand. How can I make that claim?  I sell law enforcement trade-ins.  That means that a trained law enforcement officer used the gun. That also means that a trained armorer maintained the gun prior to me offering it to you for sale.

Why is that important?  New guns require a break-in period.  That means 100+ rounds at the range to wear off flaws in the machining. While this does get you familiar with shooting the weapon, it can be a frustrating process for a new shooter. My pistols have already been through the break-in period, so you can focus your range time learning to control the weapon rather than clear a break-in failure to feed.

Are my pistols perfect?  Absolutely not! Are they the best option for new shooters? I am 100% convinced that new shooters will be more satisfied and successful with one of my law enforcement trades than with any other similar pistol purchased new.

My contribution to the virus relief effort is to provide reliable firearms to new shooters while hoping that God spares us from having to use them in self-defense. However, you are buying peace of mind that will allow you to focus on other areas of your now drastically changed life.

We are in a different time, so I am listing differently.  I am setting a reasonable Buy It Now in case you are not the auction type.

This will certainly keep the wolves away from the door!! What you see is what you get.  Smooth Action!  Shiny bore. I am listing a lot of items very quickly to help meet demand.  My auctions may be a little light on details, but the pictures are of the actual item. Please ask questions freely.


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