Lot of 5 H&R and Iver Johnson Revolvers


Manufacturer :Harrington & Richardson / H&R 1871
Model :Other Model
Caliber :.32 S&W
Weight :5.00 Pounds


Lot of 5 H&R and Iver Johnson Revolvers

A lot of five revolvers in various condition. Lot is sold “As Is”. NO GUARANTEES on any item’s ability to fire.

Item #1: H&R “The American Double Action” Revolver. .32 SW. SN: 281-42-8396. Action seems to function but cylinder spins freely.

Item #2: H&R “Young American Double Action”. .22 LR. SN: 103460. Action is very stiff, needs thoroughly cleaned/lubed.

Item #3: Iver Johnson Topbreak. .32 SW. SN: 28734. Action is stiff and inconsistent.

Item #4: H&R “Premier 22 Rimfire” Top Break. .22 LR. SN: A74441. Action is stiff but appears funtional.

Item #5: H&R Top Break, SN: NSN, .32 SW. Lots of rust, parts only item for sure.
Please check local laws with your FFL before you bid. No California sales. Consignment sale items.


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