25 Rounds of 3″ 1 ounce #2 Shot 20ga Ammo by Winchester


  • Manufacturer                              Winchester
  • Condition                                     New
  • Weight                                          1 ounce
  • Projectile Type                            #2 Shot
  • Ammo Use Type                         Waterfowl
  • Quantity                                        25
  • Caliber                                           20ga
  • Shot Material                                Steel
  • Shell Length                                 3″
  • Muzzle Velocity (ft. per sec)       1330


Buy Shot 20ga Ammo for sale online. These 25 rounds of ammunition are primed and include a 1 ounce #2 Shot projectile Shot 20ga Ammo online.

Winchester’s Super-X ammunition product group has been on the scene since 1922 and has been setting the standard for affordable quality ammo ever since. This Super-X shot-shell line is also popular for their reliability and innovation. These 2 ¾” inch 20-gauge shells are loaded with #4 lead shot pellets, a hinged wad with one-piece construction for tight patterning, and smokeless powder… all contained in a high brass, yellow plastic hull with the well-known, consistent 209 shot-shell primer. This 12 gauge ammo contains a 1-ounce load of shot for a great pattern and time tested, hard hitting power. In terms of muzzle velocity, these Super-X 20-gauge shells push a significant 1,220 feet per second and come boxed in bulk packs of 25 shot-shells. High brass shells are used for more powerful loads, and for getting extended range out of the round. These loads are perfect for a fun-filled trip to the range, or your next hunting excursion.

These Winchester Super-X 20-gauge shells are ideally suited for hunting upland birds like the pheasant, chukkar, quail, etc. and they are also great for hunting smaller game like hares and squirrels. These loads are one of the industry standards in the world of shotgun shells.


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