Trijicon TA33 ACOG 3x30mm – Red Horseshoe Dot – RMR, Larue, & SLR Mounts




Trijicon TA33 ACOG 3x30mm – Red Horseshoe Dot – RMR, Larue, & SLR Mounts

Brand new Trijicon ACOG and accessories.
Model TA33-C-400137. 3x30mm. Red horseshoe dot reticle.
RMR mount and Larue QD mount already installed.
SLR mount included.
Standard Trijicon mount included.
Scopecoat included.
Optic never installed on a rifle and never taken outside.

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——————————————————— The ACOG® designed for Law Enforcement and Military

Designed specifically for law enforcement and military applications, the Trijicon ACOG®3×30 (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight) riflescope offers the right combination of ample magnification, low light capability and long eye relief for users who need fast target identification and maximum situational awareness. Equipped with Trijicon’s Bindon Aiming Concept™ (BAC) feature, the ACOG 3×30 allows users to keep both eyes open while engaging targets.


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