Glock 18 for sale


Caliber 9×19 mm
Action Safe Action (constant double action mode)
Modes of fire Safe, semiautomatic and fully automatic
Overall length (slide) 7.32 in. (186 mm)
Height, including magazine 5.43 in. (138 mm)
Width 1.18 in. (30 mm)
Barrel length 4.49 in. (114 mm)
Sight radius 6.49 in. (165 mm)


Buy Glock 18 for sale online. is a full-sized automatic pistol with a 9mm chambering. Buy Glock 18 online today and ship discreetly to you.

The Glock 18 is a full-sized automatic pistol with a 9mm chambering… only it’s capable of firing up to 1200 rounds a minute.

It’s a bit like the Glock 17, but has a switch to change between semi-auto and full-auto firing. This big difference is actually due to a very simple mechanic. A raised extra tab on the cross of the trigger connects with a metal piece that is lowered when the full-auto switch is flipped.

This allows the sear to remain engaged and you can continue firing over and over and over on the same trigger pull! The fact that the Glock 18 has fully automatic capabilities, while also being easy control, makes it easy to see how it can be effective as a sidearm.

A neat variation on the G18, the compensated 18C model, allows gas to escape and reduces muzzle climb with a ported barrel and cutouts in the slide.

Originally, the Glock 18 was introduced as a select-fire 9mm for military and police use in 1986, and was originally designed at the request of an Austrian counter-terrorist unit. The main thing that visually separates the Glock 18 from its predecessor is the rotating, lever-type fire-control switch which is placed on left side of the slide towards the rear. Indented dots indicate the selected firing mode when the switch is in different positions. A single dot located above the switch indicate the semi-auto mode while dual dots below it indicate full-auto firing.


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