S&W Early Post-War N Frame


Manufacturer :Smith & Wesson / S&W
Model :Other Model
Caliber :.44 Special


S&W Early Post-War N Frame

I got this Smith & Wesson frame from an old gunsmith as part a group deal, when I asked him about it he wasnt sure what model it had been origanally. He thought it may have been a 44 Special, but said it could have belonged to a 38/44 heavyduty, and commercial 1917 or a 2nd or 3rd model hand ejector 44 special, all that he knew for sure was that its and N-frame that was produced in 1946 or 1947. It has stored poorly at some point as it has pitting on the top strap and trigger guard. The double action is smooth and the single action is crisp, this would be a fantastic project for someone who had the knowledge. It apears everything is there, I think all you would need is a barrel, cylinder and grips. But I am not an expert.

if you have any questions, please let me know.


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